ATEX.CENTER: Expertise in explosion protection for industrial facilities

In today’s industrial landscape, ensuring the safety of production facilities is paramount, especially when dealing with explosive dust-air mixtures. ATEX.CENTER stands at the forefront of this critical field, providing comprehensive solutions for explosion protection. Founded with a mission to safeguard lives and assets, ATEX.CENTER combines cutting-edge technology and expert knowledge to deliver unparalleled services.

Partnership and expertise


Since 2019, ATEX.CENTER has been an official partner of RSBP spol. s r.o., a renowned European manufacturer of explosion protection systems. This collaboration has solidified ATEX.CENTER’s position as a trusted provider of high-quality explosion protection solutions. As the official distributor of RSBP products, ATEX.CENTER offers its clients the assurance of working with a leader in the field, known for its rigorous safety standards and innovative approaches.

Services provided

ATEX.CENTER’s array of services is designed to meet the diverse needs of industries handling combustible dust. Their offerings include:

ATEX Audit (Explosion Risk Assessment):

  • ATEX.CENTER conducts thorough risk assessments to identify potential explosion hazards. This involves evaluating parameters such as the lower explosion limit (LEL), maximum explosion pressure (Pmax), and minimum ignition temperature (MIT). These assessments often require controlled laboratory explosions to obtain accurate measurements, ensuring safety under real-world conditions.

Turnkey Explosion Protection Systems:

  • Clients benefit from a comprehensive service package that includes explosion safety analysis, system design, equipment delivery, installation, and commissioning. ATEX.CENTER adheres to the stringent requirements of ATEX 153 99/92/EC and ATEX 114 2014/34/EU directives, as well as relevant European standards (EN 1127-1, EN 14373, etc.), ensuring full compliance and optimal protection.

Maintenance of Explosion Protection Systems:

  • ATEX.CENTER provides ongoing support to maintain the functionality and effectiveness of installed explosion protection systems. This proactive approach helps prevent catastrophic incidents and extends the lifespan of the equipment.

ATEX Consulting:

  • Leveraging their partnership with RSBP, ATEX.CENTER offers expert consulting services on all ATEX-related issues. Their specialists assist clients in managing explosion safety, ensuring compliance with regulations, and implementing best practices in safety management.

Target clients

ATEX.CENTER serves a wide range of industries where combustible dust poses a significant risk, including woodworking, metallurgical, food, agrarian, energy, Dust tests, pharmaceutical, and chemical sectors. Their services are also invaluable to general contracting organizations and manufacturers of aspiration systems and filters, ensuring these systems are both safe and economically viable.

Technical solutions and also products

As the main supplier of RSBP spol. s r.o. ATEX.SPECIALIST supplies accessibility to cutting edge surge defense items. RSBP is recognized for its dedication to security, shown by comprehensive screening along with growth at its very own r & d centers. The firm performs strenuous safety and security examinations consisting of regulated surges to create and also brighten their security systems. This ensures that the services supplied by ATEX.SPECIALIST are both efficient together with dependable.

Among RSBP’s distinct attributes is its 100% guarantee on dust-air mix surge defense systems, giving customers with self-confidence and also assurance. This service warranty emphasizes the dependability plus sturdiness of their items establishing a high requirement in the market.

ATEX.CENTER is devoted to offering professional surge security solutions utilizing their collaboration with RSBP plus adherence to strict European requirements. Their extensive method, from danger analysis to recurring upkeep, makes sure the security as well as conformity of commercial centers handling flammable dirt. By picking ATEX.CENTER, customers purchase the safety plus life of their procedures, safeguarding both their labor force along with their properties.

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