If Scene Frame Loaded

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Use this Action to perform Actions only if a given Frame has been loaded. This can be useful when creating a preloader.




You can specify the Frame you want to test for in one of two ways: by Frame number within a Scene, or by Frame label.



The target Movie, Movie Clip or Object that the Action applies to. Note that the target name must use slash notation or the _target property.






Select the Scene containing the Frame you want to go to. Enter the Frame number (starting from zero) in the 'Action' Panel. You can select the Scene directly by name, or use one of the five special Scene names:

·<current scene>
·<first scene>
·<last scene>
·<previous scene>
·<next scene>



The Scene selection only appears when you select the Frame option (see above).


Label to test




Specifies the frame based on a defined label. A list of available labels is shown by pressing the associated down arrow button. In this case mylabel and label2 are available in the current scene.


In the example below, the Movie is instructed to jump to Frame 1 of Scene_2, only when Frame 1 of Scene_2 has been downloaded. 


Note: In this case, an If Frame Loaded Action is not strictly necessary, as the Goto And Play Action will not do anything if the Frame it is to go to is not yet loaded


Note: Due to a bug in Flash Player, even if a movie is fully downloaded and in your temporary internet files cache, it will NOT be fully loaded by the time frame 1 of the movie plays.  Flash Player will only load approximately 8K of your movie by the time the first frame plays.  For this reason, if you are testing for frame loaded in order to make a preloader, start your preloader loop on frame 2 of the movie so that you can correctly bypass the preloader if the movie is already downloaded.