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Support Downloads
Below is a collection tools that support your use of products.
MP3 Encoder
Flash 8 Video Codec
Flash Video Problems
MP3 Codec for SWiSH Max/miniMax (v1 to v4) audio encoding top of page products use the built-in ACM driver available in Windows 2000/XP to encode MP3. However this codec only supports audio < 44.1kHz. If you require 44.1kHz audio files you will need to use a different MP3 encoder. Windows Vista and Windows 7 do not ship with a built-in MP3 encoder so an MP3 encoder is necessary to export sound.

Windows Vista and Windows 7 do not include a built-in MP3 encoder. An MP3 encoder is necessary to export sounds in your Flash animations. We recommend all Vista and Windows 7 users download and install the LAME ACM MP3 Codec as described below.

One freeware option is the LAME ACM encoder developed by the The Lame Project. To use this encoder you need to agree to the Licensing terms included in the installer.

LAME ACM MP3 Codec Installer

Build: 20100505
File Size: 315KB
Flash 8 Video Codec top of page
SWiSH Video3 (and Video2) will export using Flash 8 video (SWF8) if an appropriate VFW codec is installed. You can find the codec via a google search using e.g. "VP6 VFW Codec 6.4.2" i.e. codec version v6.4.2. Use a CODEC, not a DECODER. There are many decoders labelled as codecs which will not work.

Example codec pack:

This pack is an older edition which still includes the "On2 Technologies VP6 Video Codec 6.4.2". It is possible to selectively install only this codec in the installation process. The steps to install are:
  1. Download and run the installer.
  2. Read the information dialogue and select 'Next'.
  3. Select the Destination Location dialogue. Simply accept default install location.
  4. Select components dialogue and choose Custom Selection. Deselect all but VP6 (listed under 'Other video formats').
  5. Select Additional Tasks dialogue and leave all checkboxes unticked - just select 'Next'.
  6. Ready to Install - Click on 'Install'.

Note: We are not responsible for the use or the installation of 3rd party codecs. The use of any codec is subject to license conditions supplied with the codec. You must observe these terms of use at all times.

Checksum top of page
Use this tool to check that your download has been recieved without error. All of our downloads are published with a sha1 checksum. Check the download page for each product to find its SHA1 checksum. This tool allows you to create the same checksum on your own computer. If the checksums match, the file has been downloaded without error.

SHA1 Checksum Tool

SHA1 Checksum
Updated Version 1.0
Build Date: 2006.08.30
File Size: 180KB
System Requirements
Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP, PIII 300 MHz, 64MB RAM, 800x600 pixels and 256 color display.
Flash Video Problems top of page
SWiSH Max2 Users are reporting problems converting Flash Video when Windows Media Player 11 is installed. To correct this problem we recommend you revert to Windows Media Player 10 until this problem has been corrected. To rollback go to Control Panel > Add/Remove Programs and remove WMP11. Follow the prompts. After reboot, the problem should be resolved.

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