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Generate Key for SWiSH Max4 SWiSHmax
If you have lost your SWiSH Max4 key or want to install SWiSH Max4 on another computer, you will need to generate a new key at the Unlock Key Page.
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How to Unlock SWiSH Max4
There are two types of keys for SWiSH Max4:

  • A 15-day Trial Key
  • A Registered Owner Key

For both types of key follow the procedure below.

The first time you start the SWiSH Max4 program you will see this startup banner:

SWiSH Max4 startup banner
  1. Connect to the internet.

  2. For a trial key, press the [Try] button, Registered owners should press the [Unlock] button. This will open a web page that will create your unlock key.

  3. Enter your email address at the Unlock Key Page and a key will be emailed to you.

  4. Copy the key from the email to the Windows clipboard.

  5. Click [Paste Key] on the SWiSH Max4 startup banner (see below)

SWiSH Max4 startup banner

If you successfully entered a valid key you will see this message:

Congratulations Window

Click [OK] and you have sucessfully unlocked your application.

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