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Downloads is the world leader in alternative Flash™ animation tools. Our philosophy is to make Flash authoring accessible to everyone, with software that is both easy to use and affordable. Download your FREE trial
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Create Flash
SWiSH Max4
Advanced Flash creation tool for the graphic artist or web professional. Advanced drawing tools, scripting, Flash video - everything you need for a dynamic Flash animation.
>Size: 52MB   >Version: 2011.06.20
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SWiSH miniMax4
Ideal Flash creator for the business user or student. Quick professional results.

>Size: 46MB   >Version: 2011.06.20
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Video to Flash
SWiSH Video3
Powerful video to Flash conversion. Easily convert your videos to Flash and display on the web in minutes.
>Size: 11.1MB   >Version: 2009.10.17
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Discontinued Products
The following products, or product versions, have been discontinued and can no longer be purchased. Trials are no longer available for these products. We continue to provide downloads of these products for the convenience of existing license holders. Licensed users of non-English, or special, versions of our products (including Academic versions) should access the download link within their account area.
SWiSH Max (version 3)
SWiSH Max (version 2)
SWiSH miniMax (version 3)
SWiSH miniMax (version 2)
SWiSH Max (version 1)
SWiSH Video (version 2)
SWiSH Video (version 1)
SWiSH Jukebox (version 2)
SWiSH Jukebox (version 1)
SWiSH Studio (version 2)
SWiSH Studio (version 1)
SWiSH Lite
SWiSH Guide
SWiSH Presenter
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