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Become a Reseller offers substantial discounts to resellers. Our reseller discount starts at 25% off the retail price. To apply to be a Reseller simply fill out the Reseller Application Form

If you are are looking for our list of existing resellers, click here.
Reference Guides
Marketing Resources, Trademarks and Advertising Graphics
Reselling products and electronic download delivery process
Reseller purchase, ordering and payment terms
Educational purchases and eligibility criteria validation
License Types & Installation Details
System Requirements
Reselling SWiSH Max templates for Web Designers
Terms, Conditions and Policy
Reference Guides top of page
US Dollar Price Guide USD$ Retail Price Guide
Click here for the US Dollar Retail Price Guide.
US Dollar Price Guide AUD$ Retail Price Guide
Click here for the Australian Dollar Retail Price Guide.
US Dollar Price Guide USD$ Reseller Price Guide
Click here for the US Dollar Reseller Price Guide.
Australian Dollar Price Guide AUD$ Reseller Price Guide
Click here for the Australian Dollar Reseller Price Guide.
Software License Agreement Software License Agreement
Click here to download the our Software License Agreement
Marketing Resources, Trademarks and Advertising Graphics top of page
Advertising Graphics
To use our Logos simply select from the list below. Remember to follow Proper Branding and Trademark Use Rules as described below:
Proper Branding and Trademark Use
You can use logos, but we have a few simple rules that must be observed:
  • logos may only be associated with content/subject, unless approved by SWiSHzone Pty. Ltd.
  • The Publisher shall not modify or alter the logo or images in any manner, other than resizing.
  • Associated content and placement is not denigrating of products or SWiSHzone Pty. Ltd.
  • logos may not be used to promote product or services other than those of without permission from SWiSHzone Pty. Ltd.
  • When you click on the, or product, logos it must link through to
  • Pty. Ltd. may from time to time modify the trademarks or logos. We will make reasonable efforts to give third parties advance notice of such modifications.
  • In order to assure compliance and quality control, you will, upon request of Pty. Ltd. provide samples of marketing and promotional material that include Pty. Ltd. trademarks or logos.
  • reserves the right to refuse permission to use any logo at anytime for any reason, which we need not justify. When using a Pty. Ltd. trademark, never vary the spelling, add or delete hyphens, make one word two, or vary the case of any characters in the trademark or log.

Text and Advertising Copy
You may also use written information from our website in order to assist in your sales and marketing. Product descriptions and product reviews are ideal for promoting the products to prospective customers and for keeping current customers updated with all of the latest developments. site information may not be copied as a complete replica of our site. Reseller site must differentiate: colour, fonts, formatting and the use of our information from's site pages presentation.

Please contact if you require any additional information which does not appear on our website. We will be more than happy to provide you with some appropriate wording for inclusion on your web page.

Reseller Logo

To use our Official reseller logo and advertising graphics listed above, simply save (go to graphic, right mouse click and then "Save Picture As" with Internet Explorer or "Save Image As" with Mozilla Firefox) and then copy them onto your Web site.
Reselling Products top of page predominantly sells electronic download copies of products direct to our end user customers via our own eCommerce system. All direct on line sales are processed at regular retail pricing and licenses are not transferable. offers a Reseller Program to approved applicants where orders are processed offline via our Reseller and Promotional Account Service. software products each use a key locking system, this keeps our customers quite close, as all end users must register their customer account details direct on our database. This then enables the generation of license registration keys (Site Keys) to unlock each product. is fully internet based, all products are in electronic download form and we communicate via email. There are no delivery fees or hard copy manual.

To accommodate resellers we run a an authorised Reseller Program and sell individual 'Registration license passwords' for each single end user license. For volume discount licenses where a single customer (end user) requires multiple copies for a single account installation a single password is delivered for the appropriate number of license copies required. delivers passwords to the reseller and not the end user. It is policy for the Authorised Reseller to send on the passwords with install details to their end user customers for self registration, license download and installation.

The customer uses the password to gain access to an online registration form where they enter their end user information direct to our database. End users can then generate a Site Key for their installation. We supply resellers with all the appropriate registration and download information to guide them through the process; your commitment is to pass this information on to the customer.

License Registration Passwords

A registration password (issued from entitles your customer to register as the owner of a license, and will activate 1 license to that owner.

Reseller License Registration Passwords may be pre purchased and held in stock, to be forwarded on to your customer along with install instructions for registration and install when sold. license registration passwords are of the form xxx-xxx-xxx-xxx-xxx (all lower case, 5x3 letter sections). Simply use the password as it is printed including '-'.

Ongoing Customer Support Issues

Where a customer has problems with an installation of a product our support base can track the license via both the password issued and registered end user details.

There are instances where an end user may fail to register their password correctly, in this instance details are not logged in our support data base when they request technical support. All reseller customer licenses are linked back to each authorised reseller account and we may, at times need to follow up end user details direct with the Reseller.

Should a customer or Reseller require any additional support regarding license install you would access our web site support service and detail your problems direct to our support technicians. Always add your customers license registered email in the "registered email" section not your own for support enquiries so we can trace the license or license password in question.

We have about a 1% rate of customers failing to register and get their SWiSH working on their computer. Sometimes this is a freeze or crash; sometimes it is a system access problem We are constantly working on solutions to these problems and continually improving the software with the latest build always available to download from our site. However problems *do* exist. Our policy is to credit resellers accounts and disable passwords on request. We also reserve the right to refund customers we deem unsupportable.

Reseller Discounts

Reseller discounts start from 25% discount off recommended retail and educational prices. is happy to offer discount margins on any mix of products on the following minimum single purchase order scales:

  • 35% minimum order 500- 999 individual single user licenses
  • 45% min order 1,000- 1,499 individual single user licenses
  • 50% min order 1,500 plus individual single user licenses

All other individual orders and volume discount single end user orders are subject to 25% regular reseller discount.

Where you have a customer who wants more than one seat (license copy) at a single site account or even a Network license (see below) our volume discounts apply from 5 copies up. All single copy and volume purchase prices are included in our price lists. offers further discount incentives and reviews Reseller loyalty and sales history on an ongoing basis. We can provide negotiated quotations for exclusive tenders in large contract situations and confidentiality can be assured at all times. Electronic Download Delivery Process

  • sets up a single reseller account for each authorised Reseller.
  • Purchase order requirements are delivered in electronic download format to a central nominated reseller contact.
  • The reseller nominated contact then delivers the electronic download license registration password and installation information to the customer.
  • All Invoiced Reseller Company details would be standard ( you would nominate all Company and contact details in your Reseller application form) for all transactions.
  • does not contact Reseller customers direct.
  • can send cc invoice and electronic download information to additional Company contacts or to additional Reseller Territory Representatives to send on to customers where it is clearly defined on purchase order with additional contact name and email address.

You will need to confirm that your electronic download delivery process is compatible with the process outlined above.
Reseller Purchase, Ordering and Payment Terms top of page
  • Single order quantity discount rates are available only per individual sale transaction. Quantity discounts cannot be accumulated over multiple transactions and all discounts are individually negotiated.
  • Volume discount pricing (as per price list) applies where you have a customer who wants more than one seat (license copy) at a single site (institution) or even a Network license (see below). Our volume discounts apply for over 5 copies.
  • Educational discount is subject to individual end user "educational validation criteria" accompanying each Reseller Purchase order - refer to the 'Educational Purchasing' section.

How to Place a Reseller Purchase Order

  • Submit an order to Pty Limited as indicated below.
  • Upon request we can present a Proforma invoice.
  • Orders should be emailed or faxed direct for speedy delivery.
  • Delivery is 24-48 hours Monday to Friday business hours. Remember the time difference as is based in Australia.
  • All Reseller orders are manually processed this is not an internet web form purchase.
  • Please fax all credit card details for security purposes.

Orders should be marked attention to 'Reseller Purchasing' and sent via:
  • Email: accounts -at-
  • Web form: Contact Reseller Support
  • Fax: (Australia) +61 2 8211 5258. Note: Please inform us via email or web form if a fax has been sent to ensure prompt processing.

Purchase Order Details Must Include:

  • Reseller contact, company name address and email address.
  • Proforma invoice - request if required to process your payment.
  • product type description and product codes as shown on price list (e.g. SWiSH Max4, SWiSH Video3, templates...).
  • License type as applicable - Single user, Upgrade, Network, Ghost, Site, Multiple single copies.
  • Number of licenses required.
  • Quantity discount rate (if applicable) applies to a single end user wanting multiple copies of a product not multiple licenses to sell on to multiple customers (i.e. end users).
  • Educational pricing applies to validated educational facilities, schools, colleges and universities. For educational eligibility criteria and product license options see details below or go to Education Discounts.
  • End user names and email addresses along with educational validation criteria ID must be supplied with facility address and phone fax details for all educational purchases.
  • Please note that all products are delivered as download only and we can not supply CDs or other hard copy material with orders.

Submit order details as listed in Reseller Pricing schedule including:

Product description > Quantity Required > Product code - list license type for volume copy licenses.

Example 1 - to order a quantity of single installations
SWiSH Max4 English 2 x N1127C1S1 = 2 single copy commercial license passwords.
Example 2 - to order a quantity of multiple copy license installations
SWiSH Max4 2 x N1127C1S50 = 2 X 50 single end user multi copy license installations.

Single user licenses - entitle the end user to run their product on two machines: a home and office or laptop. They can transfer a license from one machine to another but cannot copy to as many machines as they like. One application is available at any time both copies may not be used concurrently.

Network Licenses [Academic Only] - A network license entitles the single end user to run the quantity of seats purchased concurrently on their network system only. Additional home copies are not available.

SWiSH Max templates are sold as individual templates, they are ordered by type and product code. Quantity purchase pricing does not apply to templates and your customers must have the suitable applications installed which is needed to edit that particular template (e.g. SWiSH Max4, miniMax4, Max3, Max2 or Max etc.).

Reseller SWiSH Max4 upgrade entitlement assessment
e.g. from SWiSH Max3. Our search facility enables you to assess your customer's eligibility for upgrade entitlement. Please login here: http://my.swishzone.comusers/login.asp using your own registered email and password login. The upgrade entitlement facility enables you to check a customers entitlement using their designated registration email.

Purchase order Payment
Pre-payment is required for all reseller purchases, Pro Forma invoices can be supplied on receipt of your purchase order.

Credit card details must be attached to each order (not Debit card or Diners). Ensure your credit card accepts and honors transactions in US$'s as other local currencies may not be accepted. Your card should also accept international internet transactions for our UK based provider WorldPay (RBS). Euro and GPD transactions are available at the daily USD$ conversion rate on day of transaction processing.

Please include full credit card details: Card holder name, company (if applicable), address, phone and email address, card number, card security code, expiry date. For security reasons never email credit details always fax with full order details to: Australia (+61) 2 8211 5258 marked attention 'To Reseller Purchasing'.

Credit card payment is quicker and eliminates costly bank transfer fees. Delivery is usually within 24-48 hours Monday to Thursday and on Mondays for Friday orders. This relies on no processing or technical hiccups or registered Australian Public Holidays.

Electronic funds/wire transfer details:

All transfer fees incurred shall be paid by the Reseller and not deducted from payment.
Account Name: SWiSHzone Pty. Ltd.
Account No (IBAN) .: 350 542 328
BSB: 012 547
Bank: Australia and New Zealand Banking Group Ltd.
Bank address: 293 Bong Bong Street, Bowral, NSW, 2576, Australia

Please send purchase order and notify payment transfer details bank/ receipt number, amount and order details to 'accounts -at-' to assist with our follow up this end. Allow 1-10 days transaction time for bank transfers.

Please contact Reseller Purchasing for all enquiries.

Educational Purchases and Eligibility Criteria Validation top of page
The following table shows the Education discount for's products. educational software licenses may not be used for commercial purposes. They are restricted to validated Educational Facility and Teacher use only, plus currently enrolled students meeting eligibility criteria.

Product EDU discount*
SWiSH Max4 < 5 50%; >5 from 87%
SWiSH miniMax4 < 5 50%; >5 from 87%
SWiSH Video3 66%
SWiSH Max templates 0%

Note: SWiSH Max templates available at regular retail price.

* - Quantity discount rates are available only per individual sale transaction and for a single product registered to a single end user account. Quantity discounts cannot be accumulated over multiple transactions.

You are eligible for Educational pricing if:

  • You are a full time or part time student, teacher, school administrator or a faculty member of an approved Educational Institution or Organisation involved in accredited certificate or degree granting programs/studies.
  • You are purchasing for an accredited school, college, or a hospital directly affiliated with an educational institution.
  • High School student

Eligibility Matrix:

Verification Code Description
V1 Current/valid Student Photo ID card AND email address from a .edu domain
V2 Current registration receipt and current class schedule AND email address from a .edu domain
V3 Current letter of enrolment from school on letter head AND email address from a .edu domain
V4 Current/validated Faculty Photo ID card AND email address from a .edu domain
V5 Current letter of employment from school on letterhead from a .edu domain
V6 Current school Purchase Order AND email address from a .edu domain
V7 Current photocopy of School Purchasing Credit Card AND email address from a .edu domain

Eligibility Yr 7-12 School Students Higher Ed. Students (College) Teachers and Faculty Schools
Educational Pricing Yes Yes Yes Yes
Enrollment Requirements Full-time and Home-School Full-time and Part-time Full-time and Part-time Accredited and Degree-granting
Verification of Eligibility Required V1, V2 or V3 V1, V2 or V3 V4 or V5 V6 or V7

Special Restrictions:
  • Class schedule must show current enrollment status and be validated further with Student ID card.
  • Verification letter must be signed by a school or faculty representative.
  • Non photo ID cards must be either validated to current semester, or submitted with current class schedule.
  • requires photo ID. Where photo ID is unavailable see special restrictions above.

Institutions and organisations must meet one or more of the following criteria to qualify:
  • Accredited public or private universities, colleges and junior colleges that grant certificates/degrees for computer software related courses consisting of either full or part time study.
  • Accredited public or private universities, colleges and junior colleges that grant certificates/degrees consisting of either full or part time study.
  • School districts, administrative offices and boards of education that purchase for the above-mentioned schools.
  • Accredited Training centers or schools offering certificates for computer software courses.
  • Hospitals, libraries, labs and museums wholly-owned and operated by the above-mentioned schools.

Which institutions do not qualify as an Education Institution or Organisation?

The following institutions or organisations do not qualify:
  • Non-accredited schools.
  • Federal, state and local government organisations. Military academies that do not provide an academic degree.
  • Non-proift lobbyist groups

Definitions of Eligible Educational Institutions

A. Educational Institutions: Defined as an accredited school organised and operated exclusively for educational purposes. An accredited school must be:
  1. A public or private K-12 school, vocational school, correspondence school, junior college, college, university or scientific or technical institution accredited by territorial government appropriate to the locality/region where the institution is located.
  2. An accredited preschool meeting all the following criteria: (i) have an early childhood program that serves a minimum of ten children ages two through five; (ii) have been in operation for at least one year; and (iii) provides educational services.
B. Administrative Offices or Boards or Education of Educational Institutions: Defined as district and regional administrative offices of the foregoing Educational Institutions defined in Section A above.

C. Full and Part Time Faculty and Staff of Educational Institutions: Defined as full and part time faculties and staff of Educational Institutions defined in Section A above.

D. Full and Part Time Matriculated Students of Higher Education Institutions: Defined as full or part time matriculated students of a Higher Education Institution defined as a public or private vocational school, correspondence school, junior college, college, university, or scientific or technical institution accredited by territorial government appropriate to the locality/region where the institution is located. Full and Part Time Matriculated Students of K-12 are also Qualified Educational Users.

E. Educational Consortia and Systems: Defined as corporations and associations validly organised and accredited by territorial government appropriate to the locality/region where the institution is located (for example, community colleges and independent schools).Each member or shareholder must be an Education Institution as defined in Section A above.

F. Non-profit Charitable Institutions that have registered charity status: Defined as a non-profit institution that has been granted "registered charity" status under the regional Income Tax Authority (example Red Cross). Educational discounted products for the internal office use only and not to be distributed to the individual staff for personal use.

License Types & Installation Details top of page
The following table shows the installation options for different license types.

Installation Options
Product Single User 'Ghost'ing Support Multi-User* Network*
SWiSH Max4 Yes Yes Yes Yes
SWiSH miniMax4 Yes Yes Yes Yes
SWiSH Video3 Yes Yes No No
SWiSH Max templates Yes No No No

Note (*): Only Academic institutions have access to Multi-User and Network license types. Contact Support for a quote for your particular institution.
Software License Agreement Overview of License Types
Click here for an overview of each license type including the selection criteria and a summary of the installation and activation.
System Requirements top of page
Product System Requirements
SWiSH Max4, miniMax4 IBM or compatible Pentium/AMD processor (900 MHz or greater), 512 MB RAM or greater. 1024 x 768, 16-bit display (32-bit recommended)

Windows XP SP2+ x32 and x64 Editions
Windows Vista all SP x32 and x64 Editions
Windows 7 x32 and x64 Editions

NOTE: SWiSH Max4 requires the latest Adobe Flash Player installed on your system for internal preview.
SWiSH Video3 Pentium/AMD 900MHz, 256Mb of RAM, 1024x768 pixels by 16bit depth.

Windows 2000 SP (Service Pack) 4+
Windows XP SP1+ x32 and x64 Editions
Windows Vista all SP x32 and x64 Editions
Windows 7 x32 and x64 Editions

NOTE: SWiSH Video3 requires the latest Adobe Flash Player installed on your system for internal preview.
SWiSH Max templates Customise .swi templates with SWiSH Max4, miniMax4, Max3, miniMax3, Max2, miniMax2, SWiSH Max (version 1).
Reselling SWiSH Max templates for Web designers top of page
SWiSH Max templates may be edited to meet individual customer demands with content maintained for them on an ongoing basis as part of a Web design service. We have many customers doing this without any problem.

  • To sell edited SWiSH Max templates you must purchase an individual license for each customer to validate our licensing agreement. This cost would be included in your selling price for the services offered.
  • You are be able to register the license to your reseller account email, or on your customer's behalf to your customer's email, via our registration password system. That sets up a customer record for your customer linked to your SWiSH reseller account and validates the license agreement legally. The customer would not need to access our site. can then check legality of the site use at any time. You would then download the SWiSH Max template accordingly, copy to CD and send it to your customer who can then install and use it.
  • As a web designer the service package you sell would be your own property including a licensed copy of a SWiSH Max template which is legally registered and meets all licensing requirements.
  • products are available via internet sales from this site and so information on how to edit SWiSH Max templates is freely available to all customers. There is no way to stop your customer purchasing SWiSH Max4 and the SWiSH Max4 template directly from our site.
Privacy Policy top of page
At we respect your right to privacy and we understand that, as a visitor to, you prefer to control your own personal information and preferences. For this reason, we may ask you to register or to provide personal information and preferences when you visit certain areas of, download free software, request information, or subscribe to our mailing lists. collects user information when you purchase our products, register a download or join a mailing list. We use this information to periodically notify our users about new products, upgrades, discount offers etc. The information we collect will not be used for any other purpose, unless we are required to do so by law or for the purpose of investigation of credit card fraud or the purpose of investigation of illegal distribution of our software. will never on-sell any of the above mentioned information to another party for any reason.
Online Transaction Information top of page may share information regarding purchases with payment gateways and resellers for the express purpose of completing a transaction or verifying that a transaction is not fraudulent. In each case these companies do not share or resell private information for any purpose outside of completing the transaction.
Email Notifications top of page
Some services at may offer to enroll you in an email campaign corresponding to the Service in which you signed up, such as trials, product registrations and software purchases. Registrations and purchases are Opt-in with confirmation. Trials are Opt-out with confirmation. All newsletter services are Opt-in wih verification, and Opt-out.

Some anti-spam content filters, especially at more sensitive settings, can prevent our emails being delivered to your mailbox. Such filtersmay be on your PC and/or server at your organization or ISP.

We recommend you whitelist (within your anti-spam software) the email address so email originating from that address is always delivered without it's content being checked.
Terms and Conditions of Ordering top of page
Order acceptance, and the completion of the purchase contract between you and, will take place on the dispatch of the products ordered unless we have notified you that we do not accept your order or you have cancelled by communicating your intent to our Purchasing Support Staff.

Non-acceptance of an order may be a result of one of the following:
  • The product you ordered being unavailable from stock.
  • Our inability to obtain authorisation for your payment.
  • The identification of a pricing or product description error.
  • You not meeting the eligibility to order criteria (e.g. entitlement to upgrade or educational validation critera).
Foreign version License Policy top of page offers foreign localisations of some applications. These are available from regional language resellers. These resellers support the translation, foreign language support and are the exclusive distributors of these foreign versions.

To obtain a foreign language version of an application you need to buy a license from these resellers. It is NOT possible to buy an English license from and then request a foreign language license.
Templates Terms of Use top of page
Please read carefully the following terms and conditions. Purchase or use of Templates implies that the following terms and conditions have been read and accepted.

License grants you a nonexclusive limited license to use in accordance with these Terms and Conditions (the "license") issued by

Limited Usage Granted
Clients may only use each individual on a single website, belonging to either them or their respective client. Clients have to purchase same once more in order to make another project with the same design.

Clients are authorized to make any necessary modification(s) to , after purchase, to fit their purposes.

Unauthorized Use
Clients may not place modified or unmodified, on a diskette, CD, website or any other medium and offer them for redistribution or resale of any kind without prior written consent from

Clients may not sub-license, assign, or transfer this license to anyone else without prior written consent from

Clients may not claim intellectual or exclusive ownership of modified or unmodified. All products are property of

All media (i.e. images, sound, video) shown in is included only for the purpose of demonstration. The original source of this media, and terms and conditions of use, are documented in the setup tutorial (i.e. help file) supplied with the , or available upon request from Support. Reuse of this media requires individual agreement with the original terms and conditions of use. selects only freeware, or open-source, media for demonstration purposes.

Refund and Exchange Policy
are digital files, hence there are no means to physically "return" the product for a refund or exchange. Therefore we do not grant refunds. However, we will replace a damaged file with the same file, if such a request is made.

Refund Policy top of page
Please evaluate all products carefully prior to purchase as refunds will be given at the discretion of the Company Management. Please contact our Purchasing Support Staff with as much detail as possible to enable us to fully evaluate your claim.
Further Questions top of page
If you have any further questions regarding our usage of your personal information, please contact me personally.

Hugh Boyd
Chief Operating Officer Pty Ltd
[Contact Hugh]

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